Tailored solutions to promote efficiencies and value to physical commodity trade...



CITEX International Trade established in 2018, is a fast-growing global trade house located in the heart of London, specialised in sourcing, supplying and trading dry-bulk commodities, inclusive of metals and soft agricultural produce. 
Our tight-knit team of seasoned trade professionals, data analysts, and at source delegates allows us to smoothly coordinate and execute robust trade channels to capture and capitalise on arising global opportunities.  
We enhance our trading activities with strategic placement of assets providing us with a wealth of insight into the market place where we operate, enabling us to add value directly from the source all the way to our client possession anywhere in the world

Our Values



Tailored solutions to promote efficiencies and value to physical commodity trade.



To be a pioneering leader in providing international trade solutions.



Tailored trade services performed to the highest industry standards 


  • Establish long term business relationships internationally, based on good and honourable business dealings

  • Anticipate global demand and supply using approved in-house data applications to optimise robust trade channels for our partners.

  • Sharply reduce export start-up costs and risks associated with exporters venturing into the international market

  • Leverage the efficiency and viability of global supply-chains by obtaining access to proven methodologies and international practices to assert a competitive edge that spans globally.



Citex operates and has the ability to trade in the physical commodity markets from our main business hub based in London, UK. Our core assets are our people, robust trade solutions, and our established business relationships which span globally. These three pillars allow us to capture viable trade channels to support the needs of our valued clients and help maintain a global balance between areas of excess and areas of need in relation to raw materials.

CITEX Market Strategies

This section of our global company is dedicated to providing effective international marketing services to a variety of markets. Our expertise in data analysis and diligent sourcing allows us to accurately anticipate the demand and supply of various industries; presenting viable international trading opportunities for large-revolving shipments of goods.


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