About Us

  • Private Commodity Trade House.

  • Non-Spot Physical Commodity Forward Prices & Index.

  • Buyer/Seller of Goods, Contracted at a Future Date.


CITEX International Trade Established in 2012 is a private commodity house registered in London, UK, dedicated to advance the movement and inter-connection of supply chain-systems of physical commodities worldwide. We specialised in the Buying/Selling of Large break bulk cargos of physical commodity goods based on safe and internationally applicable rules of The ICC® Paris, France. With a combined experience of 25 years in the international arena, our close-knit team of geo-market analysts and credited international trade practitioners, perform at the highest of diligence to ensure our valued clients are channeled precisely to capitalise on new global opportunities.


Our operations start by conducting extensive due diligence on an international level to responsibly source suppliers (owners in Physical possession) of worthy commodity goods where applicable terms & conditions to the trade are set and a price(set monthly) is offered, allowing us to formally consider a purchase as legal 'Buyer' delivered at a future date. We sell such worthy goods as 'Seller' on to an end-buyer who is a principal taking physical possession of goods. We are 'first party' traders and legally defined as 'Buyers' and 'Sellers' as our own entity. 


  • Citex LTD is the 'Buyer' when ordering worthy goods from a Supplier

  • Citex LTD is the 'Seller' when selling to the End-Buyer

  • Non-Spot. Future Contract business only

  • We do not conduct business with intermediaries, agents or brokers

  • We buy and sell documentation possession of goods only (not physical goods)

  • We only Accept '100% At sight' letter of credit payments adhered to UCP 600 Banking Rules



Our Expertise and attention to detail within the international trading arena allows us to anticipate the demand/supply of various industries to serve cost-effective deals for large-revolving shipments of specific goods in bulk on future delivery. All of which we seamlessly embed with tailored finance and delivery solutions to suit each client accordingly; serviced to exceed customer satisfaction and requirements.


The nature of our business strictly adheres to the highest standards in international business, practices and indeed rules. Our finance and delivery solutions strictly abide by Incoterms 2010® Delivery rules, UCP 600 Banking Rules and URC522 collection rules therein. This is to ensure proper formalities are in place to circumvent all acts of fraud and ensure our operations are kept in the realm of utmost safety when conducting international business.


We bear all legal responsibilities and liabilities of our actions in all transactions we enter. So as to ensure safe dealings all matters of business need to be expressed in writing until contract time. This is a safety mechanism for all counter-parties interacting with us, to clearly outline matters of business at hand in special cases of litigation.


Please be advised all matters of business are kept strictly private and confidential..

- Strive to exceed customer satisfaction through premium offerings of high quality products and services.
- Anticipate the future demand/supply of our clients, to ensure we can assist our clients supply chain operations effectively.
- Provide cost-efficiency and added-value to our clients operations, through strategically and diligently sourced products from all across the globe.​​
- Meticulously tailor services & solutions to channels our partners international success.  
- To be the leading and pioneering company in the advancement of world trade applications.
- Professionalism: We strive to develop ourselves and others to maximise efficiency and potential.
-​ Integrity: We attain high ethical standards in our activities at all times.
- Commitment: To exceed our clients requirements in product and service.
- Leadership: We believe that constant self development is a vital pre-requisit in maintaing our pioneering success within the international industry.
Innovation: We anticipate the demand and supply within our industry, to consider a broad spectrum of ideas and solutions to our clients.
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