This section of our global company is dedicated to providing effective international marketing services to a variety of markets. Our expertise in data analysis and diligent sourcing allows us to accurately anticipate the demand and supply of various industries; presenting viable international trading opportunities for large-revolving shipments of goods. 


Data Intelligence

Data gathered through primary and secondary sources allows us to offer viable trade avenues for raw commodities into the global market


Premium Quality

In our trade, product, and logistical services.

On-time Deliveries

Our partnerships with global freight companies allow us to deliver shipments on time and with a high degree of accuracy


Added Value

Achieved from the source of our raw materials to the port of our clients destination.


Fixed-Price Contracts

Tailored fixed price contracts to fulfil high volume shipments, on a revolving monthly basis



Competitive freight prices achieved with structured trade finance and global freight networks.

Our marketing strategies help:

  • Sharply reduce export start-up costs and risks associated with exporters venturing into the international market

  • Provide expert trade guidance on the entire import & export process; navigating your international trading efforts with a high degree of integrity and diligence

  • Our clients focus on domestic marketing and sales while we take care of your importing & exporting trade avenues

  • Anticipate aggregate demand & supply with our integrated data analytics system to leverage the viability of international trade

CMS actively operates:

Fruit & Vegetable Industry

In cooperation with our global farmers, we are able to confidently supply large volumes of containerised shipments to the natural food processing industries globally.

With over 25-years of experience within the global fruit & vegetable industry, our fresh produce team and associates source farmers who comply with the highest of international standards.


Our flexible agreements enable us to tailor efficient trade channels to deal with challenges relating to varying lead times and the associated demands of our clients in the sector.