Citex International Trade is proud to act as a responsible corporate entity in all its business activities around the world. Our management team understands its responsibility to maintain and foster a strong culture of compliance, teamwork and integration throughout the company; where we work collectively and continually as a governing body to maintain this. Integrity and high ethical standards are imperative in all our commercial dealings, with respect to the environment and all personnel attached to it.


We strive to be a market leader in good and responsible corporate practices. Our company strictly complies with all laws and regulations that apply to its business activities and goes above and beyond to exceed its obligations by attaining higher standards across all of its businesses.

Our Code of Conduct sets the realm of Citex’s commitment in ensuring that all its business activities maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency in performance of individual roles within the company and our business partners. Our code of conduct outlines the principals and values to which our business abides to and reinstates our commitment to continually uphold a high moral ground and ethical responsibility.

We expect all of our business partners to work with us in meeting the responsibilities mentioned in our Code of Conduct and to actively support and respect our values and principles within their business practices.

Our commitment to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all our employees and contractors is at the forefront of our business interests, activities, and procedures. We manage our activities with the highest regard for the well-being of people, places, and environment.