Import Enquiry

End-Buyers seeking a valid offer for goods must conform to the rules & procedures listed below.

Methodically structured to ensure safe and efficiently executed deals transpire when conducting business with our company.

   Import Enquiry to include:
   1. Corporate Name 
   2. Business Address
   3. Import Manager/s Contact Details (Email,Tel,Fax,etc)
   4. Product Sought (With grade specifications indicated)
   5. Total Quantity Sought (e.g 600,000 MT)
   6. Total Months for Full Contract Delivery ​(e.g 12 months)
   7. Monthly Quantities Delivered (e.g 50,000 X 12 Months= 600,000 MT)
   8. Delivery Mode (INCOTERMS 2010)
   9. Name/Address of Bank (Bank issuing DLC)
 10. For CIF, CFR Delivery Modes the Port Of Destination must be indicated.

All transactions adhere to the minimum set standards of Incoterms 2010 delivery rules and UCP 600 Banking rules. 

Standard Purchase Procedures

Should business facilitate between the seller (CITEX) and end-buyer, the procedures listed below outline periodically how transactions eventuate. Procedures are strictly formulated to protect the entities of CITEX International Trade and importers alike, ensuring safe, viable and timely executed deliveries prevail with each transaction.

Standard FOB Purchase Procedures:

  1. Purchase Enquiry is made to CITEX

  2. CITEX releases an Offer

  3. Offer is accepted (subject to contract)

  4. CITEX advises contract to buyer.

  5. Contract returned signed via email in PDF format, and physical copy through courier post delivery.

  6. PDF confirmed offer allows deal to proceed.

  7. End-buyer issues the agreed letter of credit to our bank.

  8. Payment is accepted

  9. 1st delivery takes place within 30 days thereafter.

10. Delivery documents are cleanly presented/ endorsed to the end-buyer.

11. Collection proceedings take place as per each delivery.

12. Goods arrive at destination 

13. End-buyer takes possession of goods

14. Defective goods claims valid for 90 days

15. Revolving delivery every 30 days after the first, in sequence/ if subject to revloving contract.

We are confident in the quality of services and products we serve our importing clients internationally. Our products are always delivered 'as offered' and verified by world class inspection agencies such as SGS S.A. to further ensure our clients are taking delivery of exact products ordered, without compromise.

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