CITEX International Trade services & solutions are tailored to diligently serve the trading needs of our importing and exporting partners worldwide. We strategically tailor solutions to best suit our client's goals and requirements using state of the art data-science technology, combined with internationally recognised processing services, to assert a definitive new level of integration into the global market, without compromise.


Entering the international market for the first time can be a costly and unfamiliar territory for businesses. With so many opportunities presented worldwide, exporting has become a viable channel for firms to branch out their products into foreign territories and access new markets. The barriers to entering the global marketplace can be extremely high and incur tremendous costs, ultimately relating to time and money. That's why our close-knit team of international trade practitioners, market analysts, and geo-data scientists work closely with our exporting partners to facilitate trade in an informed and professional manner. We guarantee payments with the use of irrevocable financial instruments to protect your interests and circumvent any acts of fraud or demise. 



The world of procurement today is filled with many opportunities with the exposure of the internet and similar mediums to bring in new partners, quality materials, and viability to your purchasing operations. However, the necessary requirements to formulate new purchasing channels diligently posses its own set of challenges which require expert handling and knowledge. With the use of data-science and market analysis, we serve our buyers with competitive and internationally certified deals to leverage/diversify our clients supply chain operations.  When a buyer opens a letter of credit with us, they get a guarantee that we will honor our side of the deal and provide clean sets of documentary proof against the letter of credit, to ensure our clients recieve products as ordered, without compromise.

'We measure our success based on the success we bring to you'

We offer the following services:


       Our innovative and creative approach to market analysis allows us to individually tailor viable international business plans, constructed

diligently to best suit the goals of our partners


       Leverage the efficiency and viability of operations by obtaining access to proven methodologies and international practices to assert a competitive edge that spans globally.


       Swift entry and exposure of products/services to foreign markets.


       Sharply reduce export start-up costs and risks associated with exporting to unknown international markets.


       Expert trade guidance of the entire import/export process, which will provide insight into the necessary skills needed to navigate the

intricacies of international trade.


       Allow our partners to focus on domestic marketing and sales while outsourcing their importing and/or exporting operations to international trade experts.


       Implement the options of direct and indirect shipping and various distribution channels internationally.


       Significantly increase the profitability and sales by efficiently streamlining the global supply chains of our partners.


       Establish long term business relationships internationally, based on good and honorable business dealings.


       Anticipate the global demand of our partners with the integration of various data science applications.



We believe in maintaining and building new, building on, good relationships with our importing/exporting partners, as we measure our success to the success we bring to our partners in business.


An importer (end-buyer) defines as the entity taking final possession of the documentary title to goods purchased from a seller.


An exporter (supplier) defines as a disclosed entity in possession of goods selling to a buyer.


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